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Course Plan Samples

Kolbe Academy Sample Course Plans

The following are links to samples of Kolbe Academy Homeschool Course Plans.  Course plans with exams are available for free to registered families or for purchase from our bookstore.  Online Academy instructors follow Kolbe's homeschool course plans with the opportunity to modify as needed for the online classroom.

Grade School Plans

Kindergarten  First Grade 
Second Grade 
Third Grade  Fourth Grade  Fifth Grade 
Sixth Grade 
4th - 6th Grade Literature  Seventh Grade 
Eighth Grade 
7th - 8th Grade Literature  3rd - 8th Grade Foreign Language 
4th - 8th Grade Classical Compostion 

Classical Compostion courses MUST be completed in the following order, usually beginning in 4th grade. Students who wish to catch up, may combine the first two years into one year.

6th - 8th Grade Science 


High School Sample Plans