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Summa Diploma

The Summa Cum Laude Diploma Requirements

The Summa Cum Laude diploma is our least flexible course of study. As such, Summa Cum Laude students must follow the Kolbe curriculum as laid out. This includes seeking the Kolbe Honors (OH or H) or Kolbe Core (OK or K) designation in all coursework and with the following minimum honors course stipulations:

Subject Credits Semesters Course Requirements
Theology 40 8 Introduction to Sacred Scripture, Mass/Sacraments/ChHistI, Apologetics/ChHistII, and Morality/ChHistIII
English 40 8 Comp & Rhetoric 9, Comp & Rhetoric 10, Essay Writing & Rhetoric 11, and Creative Writing
Literature 40 8 Ancient Greek, Ancient Roman, Literature of Christendom, and Modern Era Literature
History 40 8 Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Era of Christendom, and US & Modern History
Mathematics 40 8 including PreCalculus or higher
Science 40 8 Biology with Lab, Chem w/ Lab, Physics w/ Lab, Elective Science


Foreign Language 40 8 at least 20 credits of Latin
Visual/Performing Arts 20 8  
Physical Education 20 8  

Any and ALL substitutions must be PRE-APPROVED in writing by an Academic Advisor from Kolbe Academy. Note that substitutions are generally not approved for Theology, English, Literature, or History, and typically only college course substitutions are approved for Math, Science, and Language if pre-approved.