Honors Courses

The Kolbe Academy Honors Course Designation (H) is awarded to students who have completed the honors course of study as specified in our course plans or by enrolling in an online honors course. All Kolbe honors courses (H or OH) are weighted in the GPA, with an 'A' being a 5.0, 'B' being a 4.0, etc.

Obtaining Honors for a Homeschool or Self-Paced Course

As a result of weighting grades, Kolbe requires the submission of specific assignments for verification for homeschool courses. Each homeschool course will have an Honors Course Coversheet that includes a checklist of necessary submissions, and the parent assigned grade for the semester. The sample work and requirements vary for each subject.

Theology, Literature, and History

In general, students pursuing the Kolbe Honors (H) designations in homeschool Theology, Literature or History must do all of the readings and complete 8 of the 14 weekly papers each semester. Further, they should have discussions or write informal essays in response to the remainder of the weekly paper topics as these are major themes and will appear in some way on the final exam. Starting in the 2016-17 School Year, homeschool students may obtain the honors designation for Theology, History or Literature in one of the following ways:

1) Homeschool option. Each semester, a parent should submit a graded mid-term exam, an ungraded semester exam, and 8 graded papers as assigned in the homeschool course plan. A Kolbe advisor will grade 2 of the 8 papers and the semester exam. The grades given by the advisor will be weighted at 30% of the overall grade for the honors homeschool course, 20% for the semester final, and 10% for the paper. The remaining 70% will be the parent assigned grade for the course. Each honors course must be submitted with an Honors Course Coversheet. The cost for this is $49.

2) Online seminar option. Enroll the student in Kolbe's Online Honors seminar for the desired honors course. The online teacher will give a participation grade to the student that will be counted as 20% for the overall honors homeschool semester grade. The remaining 80% will be the parent assigned grade for the course. Students in the Online honors seminar only need to complete 4 of 14 weekly papers each semester. Parents will still need to submit 4 graded papers, the graded mid-semester exam, and the graded semester exam. Each honors course must be submitted with an Honors Course Coversheet. Kolbe will pull the seminar grade report from the online teacher. The cost for honors seminar is $129. (see below for more details on seminar)

English 12 (Creative writing), Math, and Science

 For Kolbe Honors (H) in English 12 (Creative Writing), Math and Science, students will be following specific guidelines outlined in the course plan. For homeschool honors credit, parents should submit all of the exams and any additional ssignments, as listed in the course plan and on the Honors Course Coversheet. A Kolbe advisor will grade all exams, which will be weighted at 30% of the overall grade for the course. The remaining 70% will be the parent assigned grade for the course. Each honors course must be submitted with an Honors Course Coversheet.

Obtaining Honors for an Online Course

Kolbe offers all of our honors courses as online courses. Please see information on each subject.

Theology, Literature, and History

Students enrolled in online Honors Theology, Literature, or History, attend live class along with students enrolled as "Kolbe Core" Theology, Literature, and History students. However, students who are pursuing Honors in these subjects attend an additional live seminar class which meets periodically over the course of the school year. Honors Seminar is an opportunity for honors students to engage in a live, dedicated, and in-depth discussion of the topics they encounter during regular class time.

Here are some details on the online Honors Seminar program:

  • Honors Seminar will be organized by grade level and will rotate each week among the topics of Theology, Literature, and History. Students taking one or more honors courses in these subject areas are invited to attend all seminars, but may choose to only come to the seminars pertaining to their honor's subject. For example, a student taking 9th Grade Honors Greek Literature, may attend every 9th grade Honors seminar or just the Literature seminars. As Kolbe's curriculum is very well integrated among the liberal arts courses, honors students will find that much is to be gained by attending all of the seminars.

  • Seminar will meet on Mondays for 1:20 but not during holiday, review, or exam weeks. There are a total of 21 seminar meetings per year equaling 7 per subject.

  • Homeschool students may enroll for the online honors seminar without enrolling for the online course.

  • Honors seminar will replace the requirement for honors students to write four extra papers in both the online and homeschool courses for Theology, Literature, and History. Homeschool honors students may still opt to write extra papers in lieu of enrolling for honors seminar.

  • Instructors leading seminar will be required to assign an additional short reading assignment, typically from an essay, short story, poetry reading, encyclical, or article.

  • Instructors will be required to grade students on active participation during the live seminar classes. This may include contribution to discussions, presentations, and other in-class activities designed by the instructor. The seminar grade will count as 20% of the overall grade for the student's course.

  • Instructors will be rotate teaching honors seminar so that honors students will be exposed to the wealth of knowledge, talent, and teaching styles that Kolbe Academy is blessed to have.

Math, Science and Foreign Language

Honors and AP classes in these disciplines meet separately from the corresponding Kolbe Core courses. All Honors and AP classes meet twice/week for an hour and 20 minutes each time. Students taking online honors or AP courses in these disciplines can expect to complete daily assignments, participate in class, and complete periodic exams and quizzes as assigned by their instructor. Kolbe Honors and AP students will go into more depth and cover more material than the Kolbe Core students. All requirements are assigned and graded by the instructor.