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Junior High Curriculum

Junior High Literature Curriculum

Course Description:

The Junior High Literature program for Seventh and Eighth Grade introduces the student to literature in a deeper, more rigorous fashion than previous reading courses. The course is comprised of classic literature, poetry, short stories, and the lives of saints. Parents, with the assistance of the student, select the proper number of books to fit into each quarter. A complete course in poetry and a complete course of short stories are included; each is designed to cover one quarter. A well-rounded literature course for each year might include novels and lives of saints for three quarters and either the poetry or the short story course for one quarter.

Each Novel and some of the Saint books include weekly written assignment topics. The Study Question booklets include study questions that are perfect to use for a short quiz after the student has read the daily assignment. Kolbe Academy has provided an extensive amount of literature to study over the course of 7th and 8th grade. As such, students are NOT expected to cover all of the material included in the Junior High Literature course.

Texts Used:


Saint Stories:

Short Story Course:

Poetry Course: