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The Hunger Games & Christian Non-violence

Course Number:  WCL-HGCN-SMS-1

Credits: 1.25 

Grade Level10th-12th 

Session Dates:   June 17-July 24

Section 1 Days:  Tuesdays & Thursdays

Section 1 Time:  1-2:30 PM (Pacific)

                            4-5:30 PM (Eastern)

Price: $125

Instructor: Mr. Jordan Almanzar

*Course Texts:

*Book not carried in Kolbe's bookstore.

Course Description:

For a Catholic review on this book, please go to this link.  

This class is a mixed study of literature and spirituality wherein we will read the popular, young adult 
trilogy The Hunger Games and examine its central themes in light of studies in Christian nonviolence. 
Students will read the entire trilogy and will also be introduced to several 20th century saints and figures who confronted great evil while embodying the spirit of nonviolence, including Maximillian Kolbe. By wrestling with these two extremes—a fictional, god-less world where violence is an acceptable form of entertainment, and our real world in which some Christians have chosen to renounce violence in the name of Christ—students' moral imaginations are sure to be awakened and challenged. Class time will be 50% presentation and 50% rigorous debate and discussion.

Note: Credits do not count toward high school Literature credit, but can count toward academic elective credit.