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In our Self-Paced Courses, we blend our traditional school at home course plans with some of our most popular online classes. Students proceed through the material at their own pace with help from teacher-led videos and special additional resources that help them confidently master the material!

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Kolbe offers a full array of Self-Paced Courses starting in Grade 7 and continuing through high school.

Visit our Course Catalog to browse through our extensive listings in theology, English, literature, history, math, science, and language!

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Got Questions?

Just what is included? How is Self-Paced different from a regular homeschool course or an online course? Where will you find all the materials you need? What if you have a technical issue? 

Visit our Help Center and get your questions answered!


This is our first year at Kolbe, and we love it so far. The school is well-versed in the digital platform, making online schooling user-friendly for kids and parents alike.

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Get Even More with Self-Paced Plus!

Get all the same content as regular Self-Paced courses, along with grading help and personalized assistance from a designated Kolbe teacher. Students can also interact with their Kolbe teacher through email and office hours, and talk to other Kolbe students through a teacher-moderated discussion board.

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