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In our asynchronous courses, we blend online course convenience with the flexibility to tailor workload and pacing to your student’s particular learning style and schedule. Our new courses are designed to instruct and guide students in the mastery of content through a regular set of activities each week. In keeping with our Ignatian methodology, we provide students with practice work, the opportunity for reflection and discussion, and recorded content, with the guidance of a teacher who accompanies students throughout the completion of the course.

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Comprehensive Course Services:

We Provide Lectures, Coursework, and Grades

  • All content needed for a course, aside from student textbooks, is provided online in weekly folders
  • Includes recorded lectures and other video content dependent upon course
  • Includes regular weekly activities and assignments that are either self-graded, auto-graded, or teacher-graded
  • While exams must be proctored by a supervising adult, students access and submit exams in Schoology
  • Once the student completes a term, the teacher reports the grade
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Teacher Facilitated:

The Teacher Guides the Student in the Practice and Study of the Course

  • Content is taught through prerecorded lectures each week
  • Weekly coursework is established for the student
  • Teacher reviews and evaluates a variety of formative and summative assignments that reflect student effort and growth in knowledge of the subject
  • Discussion Boards give place for weekly teacher check-ins for content clarification
  • Teachers hold office instruction for timely guidance
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Step into a learning space where Ignatian pedagogy meets innovation. Our Asynchronous courses are designed to generate interest while challenging students to exercise their own ability to learn independently.
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Asynchronous Courses

A Balance of Flexibility and Accountability

  • Students may slow down or work ahead with content as needed
  • School year due dates are offered for accountability without penalty for submission past the due date, unless otherwise specified by primary educator
  • Primary educator may opt out of due dates
  • Students have twelve-month access to courses
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This is our first year at Kolbe, and we love it so far. The school is well-versed in the digital platform, making online schooling user-friendly for kids and parents alike.

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