Prepared to Excel

Kolbe Academy provides a classical education for grades K-12. For over four decades, Kolbe has successfully prepared students for higher education and vocational pursuits. Kolbe Academy is fully accredited by the National Association of Private Catholic and Independent Schools, a nationally recognized accrediting organization that identifies private schools meeting specific standards of excellence in educational quality and competence.

The following profile is based on data from seniors who requested diplomas and answered our exit survey:

  • 72% attending 4-year colleges or universities

  • 19% attending 2-year colleges or technical schools

  • Median ACT composite was a 28

  • Median SAT scores were:

  • Critical Reading: 640

  • Math: 580

  • Writing: 600

  • Essay: 8

Kolbe Academy Building

91% attended universities, colleges or technical schools (72% attending 4-year and 19% attending 2-year)

Median ACT composite was a 28

Median SAT scores for Critical Reading is 640

Median SAT scores
for Math is 580

Median SAT score for writing is 600

Median SAT score for the essay portion is 8

Our CDS code is 28 66266 6912216 (our Private School Affidavit number with the state of California). School ETS code is 052-084. We can be reached at (707) 255-6499.