Enrollment Options

School of Record or Supplemental Studies?

We offer options for both full-time and part-time students! For full-time students, Kolbe Academy is your school of record. Part-time students select the Kolbe courses they need on an individual basis.

Pick a Curriculum Delivery Method

You’ll decide how your student will take their classes: via online classrooms, asynchronous courses, or traditional homeschooling. You easily can mix and match these three options to suit your child’s needs! No two children learn the same, and we’ve built our flexible curricula around that fact.

Add Helpful Resources and Tools

Now it’s time to select any additional resources you’ll want for your curriculum (most of these can be added later on as well)! These include student support services, dual credit courses, standardized tests, and more!

How to learn more:

  • Click here  to see full description of the full-time online enrollment option.
  • Click here to see full description of the full-time standard and flex enrollment options.
  • Click here to see full description of the part-time enrollment option.

Enrolling 5 or more students? Talk to an admissions counselor to learn more about our family discounts.

Student Support Services

Kolbe Academy offers a variety of ways to support students who are struggling with particular courses, need additional accountability for moving through any Kolbe course or just need general support as a member of Kolbe Academy’s virtual community. We value serving the many needs of our students.

How to learn more:

  • Click here to see all our Student Support Services has to offer.

adding Courses

Whether your student is enrolled full-time or part-time, we can offer them our robust curriculum through a variety of delivery methods. No matter how they learn, we’re here to customize their education to suit their needs.

How to learn more:

Fees & add-ons

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    Customize Your Enrollment

    Your educational journey starts by selecting the enrollment option that best serves your family’s needs. This process includes three key decisions, with various customizations and add-ons.

    If you prefer to walk through these choices with an expert, we’re here to help!

    Helpful Resources

    Visit our Help Center using the links below to find even more information about our tuition and fees.