Student Support Services

Kolbe Academy offers a variety of ways to support students who are struggling with particular courses, need additional accountability for moving through a course (online, self-paced, or homeschool), or just need general support as a member of Kolbe Academy’s virtual community.  We value serving the many needs of our students.

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Special Education Support Services

Kolbe offers support for students with diagnosed or suspected learning needs. Our Special Education team will work with you to craft an individualized plan for your student including placement and course recommendations, accommodations, and academic interventions in the form of placement and course registration assistance, accommodations, academic interventions and goal setting.

  • Consultation – All families begin by meeting with a member of the Special Education team.  During this meeting, you will discuss your student’s educational history, review documentations, set goals and determine necessary supports for your child.
  • Accommodations – Kolbe offers a variety of accommodations available in both online and homeschool courses.  Our Special Education team will work with you on how to support your student in your chosen course formats.
  • Resource Program – These live labs provide increased support and academic intervention for students in our online program.  Available for online students in grades 3-12.
  • Progress Reporting – Students enrolled in our Special Education program will have increased progress monitoring and reporting by a member of our Special Education team.
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Instructional Support Services

Kolbe Academy offers a variety of ways to support students, whether they are struggling with particular courses, need additional accountability, or just need general academic support as a student at Kolbe Academy.

  • Accountability – Students are placed with an accountability mentor to help keep the student on track in his or her courses
  • Tutoring – Students receive professional tutoring by a Kolbe Academy faculty member or peer tutoring by our National Honor Society members
  • Academic Support Labs – Subject-specific, workshop-style, non-credit labs allow students to get the additional practice and support they need
  • Homeroom Program – A non-credit course that focuses on study skills, community building, and academic success
  • Morning Meeting Program – In grades K-2, students are enrolled in this non-credit live course which teaches virtue and grade-appropriate social and academic skills
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