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Kolbe Academy is always accepting applications from qualified and passionate people.

While an opening might not be available now, please feel free to fill out an application so that we have your information on file for future openings. All positions are work-from-home unless otherwise stated.

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Why Work for Kolbe?

At Kolbe Academy, you can experience the joy and satisfaction that come from helping form young people in the classical, Catholic educational tradition, all from the comfort of your own home. Kolbe teachers receive competitive pay and a comfortable working environment, all while participating in the development of phenomenal young people.

We support our online faculty in the following ways:

  • visible presence and support by Kolbe’s administrative staff
  • leadership and mentorship by a department chair
  • department-focused team building and support
  • quarterly in-service and professional development
  • online education training and support
  • full technical support
  • part-time and full-time employment
  • competitive pay and flexible schedule
Teacher reads a book to the class.

At Kolbe Academy, you can experience the joy and satisfaction that come from helping form young people in the classical, Catholic educational tradition, all from the comfort of your own home. Kolbe faculty and staff receive competitive pay and a comfortable working environment while participating in the development of phenomenal young people.

Meet Your Colleagues

Here are some reflections from current faculty and staff on why they love their work at Kolbe Academy.

Mrs. Therese Prudlo
Dr. Jordan Almanzar
Director of Public and Alumni Relations
Teacher Since: 2014-15
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“Teaching for Kolbe Academy has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Our students and staff enjoy a phenomenal solidarity, which I think this comes from the unimpeded converging of people with like-minded educational goals. We are traversing the typical obstacles, such as geography, and are connecting the best students and teachers across the globe. This is my favorite aspect of being a teacher at Kolbe Academy.”

Mrs. Therese Prudlo
Mrs. Amanda Hayes
English and Literature Department
Teacher Since 2018-19
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“Working for Kolbe has been such an amazing opportunity. Having taught in public school classrooms and homeschool co-ops, I have found teaching online with Kolbe to provide the perfect work-home balance. I can homeschool my own children while keeping my classroom teaching skills fresh and engaging with wonderful students from devout Catholic families. There is a true camaraderie among the faculty, and the administration at Kolbe is so supportive. I feel respected as a teacher in my field at Kolbe Academy and encouraged in my role as a wife and mother as well. I love that this job has allowed me to pursue both my vocations as a wife and mother and as an educator. When I was hired, I was pregnant with my sixth child, and teaching online during a difficult pregnancy was such a blessing compared to being on my feet in a classroom all day, and once my son was born the maternity leave was flexible and I was able to ease back in without ever needing to be away from my baby for more than an hour at a time. This is a truly Catholic employer – faith is interwoven into every aspect of Kolbe Academy – the curriculum, the classes, and the work culture.”

Mrs. Therese Prudlo
Mrs. Elizabeth Hoxie
Dean of Students 6-8
Teacher Since 2014-15
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“Working for Kolbe Academy has been life-changing for our family. Online education is my passion, and while completing my degree, I sought a school that would share my love of online, Catholic, and Classical education combined. As you can guess, I found that in Kolbe. However, my love for the school didn’t stop there! Kolbe has an amazingly supportive administration, respectful and intuitive students, as well as faithful, kind, and intelligent teachers. The community of learners that is Kolbe Academy is a dream team. We build each other up in faith, family, and academics. We may not all live in the same state, but we can count on each other for support and guidance. I love Kolbe, whoever joins the team next will be glad they did!”

Mrs. Therese Prudlo
Mrs. Jenni Mammola
Foreign Language Department
Teacher Since: 2017-18
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“My position at Kolbe arrived at the perfect moment for my life’s circumstances at the time (thanks to the Holy Spirit, I’m sure). I have felt so spoiled ever since. The faculty and staff, students, and parents all create a beautiful Catholic community with a passion for learning. Not only is Kolbe ahead of the curve in the realm of virtual school, it is a place where true intellectual and spiritual growth are fostered. As a Kolbe teacher, I am blessed to have highly motivated, enthusiastic students, multi-talented and supportive colleagues, and an administration who always has my back. In an uncertain world, it is wonderful to know that we can all lift each other up in prayer and help bring out the best in each other here at Kolbe.”

Mrs. Therese Prudlo
Mrs. Kelly Powers
Dean of Students 9-12
Teacher Since: 2013-14
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‘For your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.’ —Matthew 6:8 “When I was first approached about helping start Kolbe’s online school, I had a great part time job that I loved and no desire for additional work. The prospect of teaching online did not appeal to me. And yet, I somehow found myself teaching Geometry for Kolbe that fall. Because God knew what I needed. Five years later, and I see so much more clearly now. I see how you can create a sense of community through a computer screen. I see the benefits of knowing and working with people from all over the country (and even the world!). I’ve watched our program grow and flourish and I feel so honored to have been a part of it. Most of all, I see the need that Kolbe had fulfilled in my life. It has allowed me to serve so many with the talents that God has given me. And yet, I have not had to sacrifice my service to my family. In addition, working in a Catholic environment has helped develop a deeper love of the Lord. I am truly thankful for the needs that Kolbe had filled in my life.”

Mrs. Therese Prudlo
Mrs. Therese Prudlo
History Department
Teacher Since: 2016-17
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“Before teaching here I was first drawn to Kolbe Academy for my children because of its commitment to giving a classical education that was steeped in the tradition of the Church. I found that Kolbe had developed a vibrant sense of community that is a joy to be a part of. Even with the physical distance between us, the Kolbe community could not be closer. The staff, teachers, and department heads all work together with families to form young students to go out into the world and be witnesses for Christ and His Church!”

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