Catholic. Classical. Customized.

You are in charge of your child’s education—and we give you everything you need to make it happen! Enjoy access to a full suite of materials, books, course plans, and on-call experts to help you form your student in the rich educational tradition of the Church.

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A Time-Tested Curriculum

You’re looking for a thorough education that forms your child as a whole person, both mind and soul. With the distinctive Kolbe approach, students receive a full immersion in the great Western classics that have shaped our thought for centuries, alongside a rigorous math and science curriculum in the Catholic tradition of faith and reason.

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Each person at Kolbe Academy, including the teachers, bookstore staff, technical support personnel, and advisors has made our first homeschooling experience much less intimidating! Everyone I have communicated with at Kolbe has been kind, prompt to respond, and very helpful.

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You’re in Charge—But You’re Not Alone

  • Dedicated staff of academic advisors to assist you in setting and meeting challenging, reasonable goals
  • Daily course plans for grades K–8, and weekly course plans for high school
  • Inspection of work and examinations
  • Feedback available any time
  • Access to math, science and other subject area experts
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More Benefits of Partnering With Kolbe Academy

  • Discounts on future re-enrollments
  • Grade Level Assessment tests
  • Diplomas for 8th grade and high school graduation
  • Comprehensive record-keeping, including official transcripts and letters of recommendation
  • A discount on registration with the Home School Legal Defense Association
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Save With Flex Enrollment!

Does your family already own the books needed for this grade level? Consider Full-Time Flex enrollment. It’s a great way for Kolbe families to save on tuition and bookstore costs with each child they enroll!

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