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College dual credit and concurrent enrollment are two programs that allow high school students to earn college credits while still in high school. The differences between the two options lie in which institution is teaching the course, and how the other institution accepts the credit.

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Dual Credit Offerings

In a college dual credit program, high school students enroll in specific college courses taught at a college or university. These courses are taught by college teachers or professors, and students attend classes alongside traditional college students. The credits earned through a dual credit program are fully college credits and can be transferred to other colleges or universities based on their transfer policies, and are accepted by the high school based on their policy for dual credit acceptance. Kolbe Academy typically grants 1 high school credit for every 3 or 4 credit semester-length college course.

Benefits: Students can obtain credits towards graduation at a faster rate and also gain access to courses not available from Kolbe Academy.

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Concurrent Offerings

In concurrent enrollment, high school students enroll in specific courses taught at their high school by their high school teachers. They simultaneously enroll in matching courses at the partner college or university, and then take tests with that partner institution to earn college credit for those designated college courses. The credits earned with the partner college are fully college credits and can be transferred to other colleges or universities based on their transfer policies. Students automatically earn high school credit as they pass their high school course.

Benefits: Earn college credit while taking the great Kolbe online courses and teachers you know and love.

Our Current College Credit Partners

Franciscan University of Steubenville

Belmont Abbey College

University of St. Thomas, Houston

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