Obtaining the Honors or AP® Designation for an Online Course

    Honors or AP Courses

    Kolbe Academy offers a wide ranging options of Honors and AP(TM) courses in high school. Honors courses are offered in traditional, self-paced, or online course formats and in all academic disciplines. AP courses are only offered in the online course format and in the following disciplines:  Literature, Science, and Math.

    AP® Testing

    A student does not need to be enrolled in an AP course in order to take an AP exam. The burden of taking the AP exam is on the parent and student. Kolbe Academy does not locate or provide a physical setting for students to take the exam. You may enter Kolbe’s CEEB code (Kolbe's Code is 052084) on your test form if you would like to have your exam scores reported to us. Please visit the College Board website to get up to date information on registering for and taking AP exams.

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