Honors Courses

Kolbe Academy offers the Honors (H) Course Designation to students in traditional school at home courses who complete a more rigorous course of study as outlined in our individual course plans. To enroll in an Honors course, please select the Honors option on your student’s enrollment form, or submit a Course Change Request Form. Check our tuition page for information on fees associated with honors courses.

Obtaining Honors for a Homeschool Course

Theology, Literature, and History

Students may pursue the Kolbe Honors (H) designation in Theology, Literature or History by submitting specific assignments and tests as outlined in the individual course plans along with the course’s Honors Coversheet.

Math, Science, and Creative Writing

For a homeschool or self-paced student to earn the Honors designation in English 12 (Creative Writing) or any applicable Math and Science course, the student must follow the specific guidelines for earning the Honors designation as outlined in the course plan for the individual course and must include the course’s Honors Coversheet along with the required samples.

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