Experience Kolbe Academy’s Dynamic Learning Options

At Kolbe Academy, we're proud to offer a glimpse into our educational experience through live and asynchronous course shadowing opportunities. Whether you're considering our live online classroom or our flexible asynchronous courses, we invite prospective students and their families to explore what makes Kolbe's approach to education unique.

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Live Online Classroom Shadowing

Grades 6-12: Discover our interactive live online classes! Students are welcome to choose up to 4 live classes to attend during select weeks throughout the school year. This is a perfect chance to experience our dynamic classroom environment, meet our expert teachers, and connect with fellow students.  
Grades K-5: We invite both parent and child to join us for a live viewing of an elementary class in action. Select one class to shadow per student, with availability varying by grade (Monday-Thursday). It’s a wonderful opportunity to see our engaging teaching methods and community firsthand.

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NEW! Asynchronous Course Shadowing

Grades 6-12: For families interested in a more flexible learning schedule, we now offer the option to shadow our asynchronous courses. Experience at your own pace the quality and depth of our pre-recorded lessons, available for various subjects. This option is designed to give you a taste of the convenience and comprehensive education our asynchronous courses provide.

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Why Shadow a Kolbe Academy Class?

  • Engaging Classes: Witness the quality and interaction of our live classes or the flexibility of our asynchronous courses.
  • Expert Teachers: Experience the expertise of our dedicated teachers and their commitment to each student’s success.
  • Vibrant Online Community: Get a sense of the supportive and lively community that enriches the learning experience at Kolbe Academy.

We are excited to welcome you to these shadowing opportunities and look forward to helping you discover the perfect fit for your child’s educational journey. Experience the Kolbe Academy difference today!

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