Kolbe Academic Awards

Kolbe Academy offers a number of awards to recognize student achievement in the breadth and depth of their studies. The St. Ignatius and St. Maximilian Kolbe awards are based on a completion of a comprehensive and rigorous course of study across multiple subject areas, while the St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Albertus Magnus and St. John Paul II awards are based on mastery within the fields of the humanities, math and science, and foreign language, respectively.

St. Maximilian Kolbe AWard

The St. Maximilian Kolbe Award is the highest of our awards, given for the completion of a rigorous,       4-year course of study that includes our core classical sequence in Theology, Literature and History, as well as 4 years of Math, Science, and Foreign Language.

St. Ignatius AWard

The St. Ignatius Award recognizes the completion of a rigorous and comprehensive course of study across multiple disciplines. Students who complete the entirety of Kolbe Academy’s recommended track using only courses with the K, H or Kolbe AP® designations will have met the requirements of the St. Ignatius Award.

St. Thomas Aquinas award

In honor of St. Thomas Aquinas, one of the greatest Doctors of the Church, the St. Thomas Aquinas Award is awarded for excellence in the humanities. It requires completion of our core humanities courses in Theology, Literature and History, at least half of which must be done at the Honors or AP® level.

St. Albertus Magnus Award

In honor of St. Thomas’ famous teacher who was renowned for his work in the natural sciences, the St. Albertus Magnus Award is awarded for excellence in math and science. It requires completion of 4 years each of math and science, up through at least Calculus in math, and including Biology, Chemistry and Physics, all with labs, as well as an additional upper-level science elective.

St. John Paul II Award

In honor of Pope St. John Paul II, famous for his fluency in at least 8 languages, the St. John Paul II Award is awarded for excellence in the study of foreign languages, requiring a completion of 4 levels of one language and 2 levels of a second language. One of these two languages must be Latin.