2022 Top 10 Kolbecast Episodes

As we move forward into a new year, we wanted to look back on some of our top Kolbecast episodes from 2022. The top episodes include special appearances from Patrick Reilly, Dr. Almanzar, Msgr. Shea, Matt & Erin Ingold, and more!

1) The Essence of Catholic Education with Patrick Reilly, episode 84

Patrick proposes the idea of education as a window into God’s mind and explains how this perspective—along with a healthy dose of frustration—led him to look deeply at the state of Catholic education at the college level.

2.) Not Just for Special Occasions, episode 105

Mrs. B explains with mirth and elegance how meaningful interactions and nonverbal communication honor human dignity, provide internal development, and restore kindness bit by bit in our world.

3.) Things I Would Tell My Students with Dr. Jordan Almanzar, episode 116

[Dr. Jordan Almanzar] discusses some of his recent and not-so-recent writings with Bonnie and Steven, including reflections inspired by marginalia in his Latin books and the contrast between classical brutality and Christian compassion.

4.) A Change of the Ages with Msgr. Shea, episode 123

Msgr. Shea talks about the ambient culture, the modern mind’s romance with utopias, and the good news that this is an age where Kolbe families can shine.

5.) The When and the How of Online Elementary, episode 81

From the hybrid combination of homeschooling and online education to the highlights of what the Kolbe elementary program is and is not, the discussion is a microcosm of Kolbe’s ancient and cutting-edge approach.

6.) Choosing the Greatest Good with Matt & Erin Ingold, episode 110

The Ingolds speak from a background in a variety of sacred and secular wisdom—from St. Thomas Aquinas to cognitive behavioral therapy—to share their insights on how parents and families can structure their thinking and their lives to experience more of the things they value.

7.) Odysseys in Catholicism, episode 118

With candidness and wisdom, Everett, Chrissy, Steven, and Bonnie discuss how their experiences of faith have led them to progress from confusion to peace, to seek understanding through surrender, and ultimately to love because we are loved first.

8.) Above and Beyond, episode 103

In this episode, [Nancy Nelson] graces us with stories of Kolbe history, tips for savvy book ordering, and a dose of inspiration based in common sense and experience.

9.) Protect, Guide, Prepare, Empower, episode 92

If you’re a hesitant homeschooler or unconvinced parent considering homeschooling, put this episode at the top of your playlist.

10.) Past, Present, & Future, episode 114

Kolbe’s Executive Director Mary Rowles visits with Bonnie and Steven today about Kolbe's origins, evolution, and outlook.

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