5 Principles of Ignatian Pedagogy (Part V)

The Ignatian framework for education is based on St. Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises and his God-centered worldview.

Educators who are using the Ignatian framework center themselves in:

Educating the whole person - heart, mind, and soul

Seeking God in all things - exploring the world in light of God’s goodness

Becoming women and men for others - encouraging students to express their love of God through service to others

The Ignatian framework is made up of 5 interconnected principles:

1) Context: What is the background of the learners? What needs to be known about the students in order to teach them well?

2) Experience: How can learners be engaged in the learning process in a way that speaks to their mind, body, and soul?

3) Reflection: How may learners be taught to reflect on their own understandings? How can they begin to examine their own values and beliefs about a topic?

4) Action: In what way can the students become agents of change? How can they take what they have learned and apply it to the world around them?

5) Evaluation: How can we assess student growth in a way that honors and respects their unique talents and gifts? How can we elevate their growth as men and women of God?

In the final post of this series, we will be looking at simple ways to put the Ignatian framework into practice!

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About the author: Stacey Jarzynka has a decade of experience as a Catholic school teacher and a reading intervention specialist. After having her daughter, she started looking for jobs where she could stay home while also pursuing her love of creating content that inspires young people to grow deeper in their Catholic faith. God’s answer to her prayer started with the homeschooling moms in her book club introducing her to classical education and it ended with an offer to start developing content for Kolbe. Stacey resides in a small town in Illinois with her husband and two children.

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Stacey Jarzynka