7 Feast Days to Celebrate this December!

While the month of December is full of hot chocolate, cookies, and holiday festivities, may we remember the reason for the season and embrace the Church's Advent traditions of Advent Wreaths, O Antiphons, and purposeful waiting of our Lord and Savior. This month, we mark our calendar to celebrate seven powerful saints who should encourage us to grow in virtue.

December 3rd: St. Francis Xavier

December 6th: St. Nicholas

December 7th: St. Ambrose

December 9th: St. Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin

December 12th: Our Lady of Guadalupe

December 15th: St. John of the Cross

December 22nd: The Holy Family

Here are two simple ways to begin celebrating:

1) St. Ambrose was a statesman and theologian in the 300ADs who fiercely devoted himself to spreading the Catholic faith. In honor of St. Ambrose’s feast day on December 7th and his association with candlemakers, you can make candles together. Buy a beeswax candle making kit or DIY using old candle stubs and melt them into a mold. You can even color them with Advent colors and use them in your family wreath. Make sure to read together the story of St. Ambrose as you light your candles or u our free Advent pilgrimage companion.

2) St. John of the Cross was of Spanish descent and is a Doctor of the Church and is a patron of the Carmelite Order. With St. Teresa of Avila, he founded the Discalced Carmelites Order, which is an order devoted to service of the Blessed Mother through penance and prayer. Take time on his feast day, December 15th, to read some of his writings, which include Dark Night of the Soul, The Living Flame of Love, or the Ascent of Mount Carmel. You can also try your hand at making Paella Valenciana, which is a traditional Spanish dish.

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