Activism in Support of Homeschooling in California


On Thursday, April 25th, I had the opportunity to practice activism for homeschooling by attending the public hearing on California Assembly Bill 2756. This bill would have posted the private information of every California home schooler on the California Department of Education’s public searchable database. While I expected a large turnout to oppose the bill, the actual turnout exceeded my wildest expectations.

I arrived to find the line already stretched down one side of the hall for the length of the building and back up part of the other wall. Over 2,000 people were lined up on both that floor and a second floor, and the testimony went on for 3 hours against the bill. By the grace of God, and in response to overwhelming opposition, the bill didn’t even receive a second to put it up to vote that evening, and is now dead.


What stood out to me most wasn’t the reaction against the bill, but instead the same thing I see when I attend home school conferences throughout the country. Almost unfailingly, the students are polite and well-behaved, they interact socially well with people of all ages, and they speak more articulately than a typical student their age. To me, not only was the number of people who spoke against the bill a powerful testimony, but the fact that students were between 60 and 70% of those providing testimony against the bill. They stepped confidently to the microphone, and stated their names, that they’re home schooled, and that they “oppose the bill as amended.”


Afterwards, a rally was held on the steps of the capital, featuring short speeches by Assemblymen, parents, home schooling advocates and students. What was most striking, however, was the great spread of home schooling families across the grass surrounding the Capitol. Some brought picnic dinners, others turned their kids loose to run around with all of the other kids, and they all seemed to have a great time.

Parents and students actively involved in the political process followed by engaging in family activity? What a wonderful witness to the power of homeschooling!

Blog Post written by:

Everett Buyarski

Everett Buyarski