Almost There


We are almost there! The school year is coming to an end and summer break is in sight! Our homeschool family definitely takes a summer break from school, especially since our kids are older now. When our family was younger and we were still having babies, we would school year-round to accommodate having newborns and toddlers in the house. Now that we have a house full of teenagers, having a long break over the summer season has been more beneficial for us. A lot of our kids’ friends have summer break as well so this allows them to have free time with their friends.

This last push of the school year is not so hard since there is plenty of motivation to get everything finished. The warmer weather, lazy afternoon novel reads, backyard grilling, late night star-gazing and spontaneous adventures are all reasons to get those school books closed. There is nothing like closing a math book once the last lesson is complete! Our kids take great pride in knowing they started something and stuck with it until they finished. One by one you can hear the books slapping shut for the final time and a great exhale of satisfaction. They love to bring their books and other completed course materials into my office and say “Done!”


Each one of our kids has a bin that all of their completed and graded work from the year goes in to. We love to fill that bin and put closure on the school year. This officially says, summer break is here! Our summer break usually runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day (high schoolers start back sooner). This extended break allows everyone to recharge themselves and gives mom and dad time to get some projects done around the house that get put on hold during the school year. Most of our curriculum planning is done in the spring so there’s not much to do over the summer break regarding school. Summer break is also used to teach our teenagers some home economics skills, specifically the one that will be going off to college soon.

When it’s time to start school again, our family welcomes the structure and the schedule back. Everyone is ready to hit the books again and take on another year. They eagerly accept their new school year routine since they had a lot of free time over the summer. Also, it helps knowing that we have breaks to look forward to. This last month of school is motivational because our memories and thoughts of summer time are inspiring us to finish the school year. It’s the final push before the big break. We are almost there!

Blog Post written by:

Katie Giandinoto

Katie Giandinoto