Celebrating Catholic Education

Once a year in the US, since 1974, the National Catholic Educational Association organizes a yearly Catholic Schools Week (CSW). The purpose of this week is to dedicate a special time to celebrate the value that Catholic education brings to our parishes, communities, families, students, nation, and our Church. The theme for this year is “Faith. Excellence. Service.”

As homeschoolers - specifically Catholic homeschoolers - this is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate and celebrate with our students the vibrant and wonderful community that we are a part of at Kolbe, and universally within our Catholic Church.

Kolbe online classes have an exciting week of activities planned, and traditional-school-at-home families are encouraged to join in the fun each day too! We have included tips for each day to help inspire an extra special 2022 Catholic Schools Week in your home.

SUNDAY, January 30 - Celebrating Parishes
If your local parish hasn’t planned anything special, reach out to include CSW as a special intention or announcement this week, and ask if families or children can participate as readers, speakers, ushers or even to welcome parishioners as they enter the church. Be sure to share your photos on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

MONDAY, January 31 - Celebrating our Community and Families: Kolbe Spirit Day!
One of the core values embedded in Catholic education is service. Dedicate family prayer time or think of a special way to give thanks to all those who serve within our communities every day (military, teachers, healthcare workers, first responders, etc.). Within the family, have each person do an act of service, and then discuss as a family why this is so important. It is also an excellent day to show off our own Kolbe community by sporting some spirit wear!

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TUESDAY, February 1 - Celebrating our Students: Crazy Hat and Sock Day!
It goes without saying that students are the very center of Catholic education. They are the future of our Church. Plan some fun, kid-friendly festivities to remind them how important they are within the family, community, and Church, and also what a blessing it is to be able to grow and learn within the Catholic faith. If you have several students, today would be an excellent day to plan a co-op fun day, have children prepare a drawing, poem, or project about their favorite parts of Catholic education (maybe pair older and younger students), or reach out to a fellow student or friend in a letter or video call.

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WEDNESDAY, February 2 - Celebrating our Nation: Patriotic Day!
We are blessed to live in a nation with freedom to live in and share our faith. This is a great day to discuss this with our students and pray for our nation. Many of our community leaders have been formed and prepared by a Catholic education. Have students think of specific ways that a Catholic education prepares strong and virtuous leaders for both the Church and the nation.

THURSDAY, February 3 - Celebrating Vocations: Dress Like Your Favorite Saint Day!
A strong foundation of faith and an openness to the Lord’s guidance in life is yet another benefit unique to Catholic education. This would be an excellent day to discuss, research, or have students prepare a project about how a favorite Saint or Catholic (ordained or lay) leader was led to their vocation by the Lord. It is a perfect day to offer a special prayer for vocations and those discerning their call. (Special Kolbe Bonus: it is also a great day to discuss and look forward to our Vocations Retreat coming up in March!)

FRIDAY, February 4 - Celebrating our Teachers!  
Catholic education would not be possible without the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice of our teachers and staff. This is a great day to dedicate a special prayer for Catholic educators all over the world. Here at Kolbe, families and students can participate in a Kolbe Teachers Spiritual Bouquet and/or a Kolbe Staff Spiritual Bouquet. At home, students can prepare thank you cards or offer a creative sacrifice or gift for the special teachers that participate in the blessing of their Catholic education.

What a blessing to be part of this amazing community within our Church! In my experience as a Catholic educator, many days I learned much more than I felt I was teaching (especially when it came to matters of the heart!). May each of our families, Kolbe Academy, and all of the Catholic School have a beautiful and blessed Catholic Schools Week, and may the value and importance of Catholic education be ever present in our hearts.

Saint Maximilian Kolbe, pray for us.
Mary, our Good Mother, pray for us.

Blog Post written by:

Vanessa Valderrama Delgado

Vanessa Valderrama Delgado