Class of 2019's Graduation

This past Saturday, Kolbe Academy held its class of 2019 graduation ceremony at the Catholic Center on the campus of Georgia Tech in downtown Atlanta. What could have turned out to be a frustrated event–due to heavy rain causing several of the participants, including two of the featured speakers, to be rerouted and delayed–ended up being a day of achievement and overcoming obstacles!

Seventeen students (along with their families and friends) attended live with an additional eleven Kolbe seniors participating virtually.

The ceremony began with an invocation by Fr. Brian Baker followed by a warm welcome from Mrs. Mary Rowles, the executive director of Kolbe Academy.

The first student speaker was Monnica Prudlo, who both delighted and challenged the attendees.

The second student speaker was Gavriella “Aviva” Lund who, when it was her time to speak, was still on a plane that had been diverted due to the heavy rain. It was only afterwards, during the reception following the ceremony, that Aviva arrived at the Catholic Center. In a spirit of true Kolbe fellowship, nearly all the guests reentered the auditorium to listen to Aviva’s speech which was complemented by a thundering applause.

This year’s faculty speaker was Mrs. Kim Crawford, Kolbe Academy’s English and Literature Department Chair and one of the most beloved teachers by students, parents and faculty alike.

Following Mrs. Crawford’s address, Dr. George Harne, President of Northeast Catholic College, took the podium to deliver the commencement address.

Next, the diplomas were conferred, and the students gathered at the stage for a long-awaited photo op with their hard-earned Kolbe Academy diplomas in-hand.  

After the ceremony and reception, many of the participants gathered with the staff and faculty at Mary Mac’s Tea Room for a truly southern (truly delicious) celebration dinner.

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Jordan Almanzar

Jordan Almanzar