Fostering a Linguistic Consciousness: The Kolbecast Episode 161

AMDG. In this first of a three-part series on language study, Kolbe advisor and alumna Agostina Cavasotto, whom Kolbecast listeners met in episode 154 Passport: Argentina, returns to discuss her love of languages, the connections she makes among them, the value of studying a language in depth, and the way language study helps cultivate a habit of thinking that serves a person well in many facets of life. To help with the practical aspects of language study for homeschoolers, she offers many suggestions and refers to a rapidly growing section of the Kolbe website filled with helpful articles on a range of subjects relating to homeschooling and Kolbe Academy. (Check out the Academics and Advising section.) The conversation broadens to include discussion on lifelong learning and the discoveries Agostina has made about the many and varied ways to learn at any age and in any context. 

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