Have We Prepared Him Enough? (Part 1)



Six weeks until he leaves for college, 1,300 miles from home. Is he ready? Will he miss us? Is he going to call home? Will he remember to do his laundry? Wait…does he even know how to wash and dry his clothes? Will he clean his dorm room and bathroom? Please, God, remind him to clean! Will he manage his time well and organize his “to-do” list? What if he gets sick? Who will take care of him? Who will get him medicine? Will he be able to handle all the demands that are going to be put on him as a college student athlete? Will he be able to balance his responsibilities and his social life or even have a social life? Have we prepared him enough?


My brain has been spinning with all these questions and more. What is settling me down is that he seems so calm, confident and ready. He is excited to go and spread his wings, which is exactly everything we have been wanting and preparing him for. It seems so natural to let him go. He has worked hard and has been showing lots of signs of responsibility which makes this transition easier. He has been managing his money well since 9th grade with a savings account and debit card. (Thank you Dave Ramsey for the “Foundations for Personal Finance” class for high school homeschoolers.)

Lots of growing up happens when managing your own money and getting a driver’s license. I remember the first day he drove alone with his brothers in the car. I hugged him and told him to drive safely because he was driving precious cargo. Something about that day…he has stood taller ever since then. I can see the pride he has when he is responsible for his siblings. More maturity also has come with cooking meals and household chores. This last year, I have been letting him cook meals occasionally. At first it was while I was home so I could see how he handled himself in the kitchen. Now he asks if he can do the cooking! He is definitely NOT asking to clean the house, but he will do it and has been getting better at it each time he cleans!

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Katie Giandinoto

Katie Giandinoto