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Kolbe is excited to be offering a new high school Theology course in fall 2022! Read more about the World Religions Course below! Also, be sure to tune into Kolbecast episode 91: Kernels of Truth for a discussion about the new course with Kolbe online Theology instructors, Chrissy Almanzar and Nicholas Senz.

Course Description: The World Religions course introduces students to the study of religion by presenting various religious traditions throughout time and geographic region. In so doing, similarities and differences to the Catholic faith are highlighted. The course is divided into four areas with each focusing on religious traditions from a different part of the world.


The course will examine the history and beliefs of major world religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Islam, as well as different sects of Christianity. For each religion, students will learn its beliefs regarding divinities, rituals, moral teachings, and holy days. The course will also review Catholic magisterial documents on ecumenism, interreligious dialogue, and evangelization.


This course aims to Introduce students to the history and beliefs of major world religions; compare and contrast beliefs of other religions to the Catholic faith, noting similarities and differences; present the Church's beliefs regarding both respect for people of other religious traditions and the call to evangelize all peoples; articulate how the fullness of truth is found in the Catholic faith; apply Christian principles faithfully as a result of studying & understanding the Church's approach toward interreligious dialogue and the call to evangelization; defend Catholic teaching against challenges posed from other religious traditions

Three Church documents to be used in the World Religions course:

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