It's Back to School Time!

Summer is winding down, the weather is beginning to get colder, and the days are getting shorter. It all points to one thing: it's almost time to begin school lessons again!

Whether you feel 100% ready to tackle your school year or you feel like you're scrambling to get everything together, Kolbe Academy is here to support you as you home educate your children.

What are you struggling with?

Is it having too many books and not enough understanding of how to incorporate them into your lessons? Call your Kolbe advisor - they are here to help you navigate your school year and will help make sure that you have a smooth start. Not sure who your Kolbe advisor is? Check log into your portal account to find out!

Is it being too preoccupied with your phone? It may be time to set boundaries with yourself and find someone or something to hold you accountable. Mr. Lengyel gives examples on how to monitor screen time and set accountability checks.

How in the world do I set up my school room/area? There are so many choices! We can help you find your best set up.

Not sure how to start planning your school year? Bonnie and Hope offer their suggestions to keep you organized.

Are you totally overwhelmed by the technology requirements of Kolbe Academy Online and need help navigating how to use the technology, what is required, or need extra help? Learn about our support, how to keep technology simple and effective!

Have a freshman/new student in Kolbe Academy online and want to make sure they are using all of the resources Kolbe offers? Hear from Kolbe student, Xavier, on his experience.

Need to hear some support on educating a middle school aged child? Kolbe Academy Online teachers can help give you confidence and insight.

Think you aren't patient enough to homeschool your children? God will bless you with the virtue of patience when you ask for it.

Need help with structuring your day? Veteran homeschooling moms and current Kolbe advisors give their advice.

Do you not understand classical education and the Ignatian method of instruction that is incorporated at Kolbe Academy? Join Kolbe Directors and Staff to learn more about our methods.

Need help with emotional regulation in your children (or yourself)? Johanna Seagren has a resource that can help you and your child stay emotionally regulated.

Whatever you're struggling with, Kolbe Academy is here to help you as you prepare for your school year! Use our chat feature to talk to Tech Support, Admissions, or Advisors. Reach out to your advisor if you think your student may need extra support. We encourage you to reach out to your family's advisor so you can rest assured that your school year will run smoothly. We're here to support you, the primary educator of your children!

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