K-8 Parent Testimonials: Ways Schools Adapted Adapted to Online Education - Week One

Kristin Tolentino (mom of 3rd grader) states: “We are communicating via Seesaw. There are assignments for every day, but they are all due 3pm Friday. I like that because you can adjust if needed. I had [my daughter] work ahead so she could do ‘fun stuff’ on Friday like working in her Brownie painting badge and other educational stuff online.”

Marjory Subia (mom of 1st and 3rd grader) states: “I love our 3rd grade teacher. Two ‘must do’ assignments per day. One math, one language arts. We communicate via Seesaw. She puts a date on each assignment (super easy to find) instructions are clear and she also records her instructions [verbally]. Assignments are posted daily by 8am sharp. Once we’re done we snap a picture and submit.”

Megan Lengyel (Director of Online Learning for Kolbe Academy Online & mom of k-8) states: “My kids’ K-8 school has been successfully using google classroom even with our primary students for the past three days. The teachers worked all weekend and had Monday to get organized. Google classroom doesn’t really have a great discussion feature, and I’m not sure if that would work well for younger students (esp K-5). One thing that has been working well is that my second grader’s teacher has a “Homeroom” class where she summarizes everything to be done that day. Then you go off into the individual google classrooms to find the assignments. She is allowing students to email her assignments (via the parent), but I ended up teaching [my daughter] how to insert photos into a google doc and then turn in herself so that it could be more hands off for me.”

Katie Taylor (mom of 1st grader) states: “My first grader’s teacher started a Facebook group for the class. I already know how to use Facebook so it’s the easiest way to have communication between parents, students, and teachers. We picked up math and reading stuff from the school on Monday with a calendar of what lessons they’d be doing if they were in school.”

Lindsey Mamelli (mom of kindergartener): “[My daughter’s] teacher has been giving us parents this week to adjust to using google classroom. So far she has just posted fun read-alouds to watch, and a guided art project to go along with the book. She posts the art assignment and has us submit a picture. This allowed me to figure out my way around the app in a fun way for all of us. The music/chapel teacher has been posting videos of short devotionals with a worship song for the kids to sing along with him. I know it looks much different for Kinder than it does for high school and I know more academic stuff is in the works. However, it was nice to adjust slowly this past week and it was so special for [my daughter] to see and hear her teacher in the YouTube videos.”

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Jordan Almanzar

Jordan Almanzar