Kolbe Academy and University of Dallas Announce New Partnership


Kolbe Academy is forming a partnership with the University of Dallas, a Catholic liberal arts university that shares Kolbe’s rigorous, classical approach to education.

Through this partnership, UD hopes to connect with Kolbe Academy students planning to continue their liberal arts education in college.

"This partnership between Kolbe Academy and the University of Dallas exemplifies our shared commitment to fostering a rigorous, classical education that nurtures both the mind and spirit. Through this collaboration, we aim to provide Kolbe students with a glimpse into the enriching environment of UD’s Core Curriculum and vibrant campus life,” said UD alumna and Kolbe Chief Academic Officer Megan Lengyel, BS ’01.

“We encourage our students to explore the transformative opportunities that await them at the University of Dallas, where they can build upon the solid foundation they’ve received from Kolbe's classical curriculum and embrace a higher education journey that integrates intellectual exploration, personal growth and faith-based learning.”

The University of Dallas welcomes prospective students with Odyssey Days, open house events that give families a chance to see the campus, meet professors and participate in UD life. UD extends a special invitation to Kolbe students to attend Odyssey Day II on November 11.Kolbe students will feel at home in UD’s nationally recognized Core Curriculum, a two-year exploration through the humanities, sciences, mathematics and arts."University of Dallas is one of the best next steps a Kolbe graduate can take because of the holistic foundation that we were given by our Kolbe core curriculum, extracurriculars and Catholic faith formation,” said Kolbe graduate and UD alumna Monnica Bremer, BA ’23.“When Kolbe students come to UD, they already have a survey of the Western tradition and the texts within it. Having this background really helped me to understand UD more thoroughly and give me gifts that I could take with me to this new community.”

In addition to shorter study abroad programs in Spain and France, UD also offers a semester-long Rome Program. Students lodge at UD’s campus near Rome, continue their UD coursework and explore the cradle of Western civilization and the Roman Catholic faith with their classmates and professors.UD President Jonathan J. Sanford, PhD, spoke at Kolbe’s 2023 Commencement Ceremony, where he encouraged graduates to keep their relationship with God at the center of their education.“

A Catholic and classical education fosters friendships between students and between teachers. Most significantly, a Catholic and classical education is ultimately about deepening a friendship with God,” Sanford said.“I know you have benefited tremendously from these friendships throughout your time at Kolbe, and I encourage you to continue to cultivate them as you go forth from this academy.”


About the University of Dallas

The University of Dallas is the premier Catholic liberal arts university in the country, known for its rigorous undergraduate Core Curriculum and robust graduate and professional programs in business, ministry, education and the humanities. With campuses in Texas and Italy, UD stands apart as a thriving community of lifelong learners committed to an education that forms students intellectually, socially and spiritually for a life well-lived. For more information, visit udallas.edu.

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