Kolbe’s Chiaroscuro with Anthony D’Ambrosio

AMDG.  Our patron St. Maximilian Kolbe is known for the heroism of his final days, but those acts were the culmination of the virtuous life he lived before his internment at Auschwitz.  In this episode, visitor to the Kolbecast Anthony D’Ambrosio shares his special perspective on St. Max, which is based on his work developing the film Kolbe’s Passion and the intimate connection he forged with the saint during his own time of crisis.  Anthony, Bonnie, and Steven discuss the relationship between suffering and faith, the grappling with despair and disillusionment that is inescapable in modern life, and the creative considerations involved in adapting St. Max’s story to a cinematographic format.  And in case that virtuous life of St. Max’s we mentioned sounds dry, we have two words for you: fire truck.  

Head to the Kolbe’s Passion website to watch the proof-of-concept film and find out how to support the production of the full-length film.

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