Planting Seeds


It’s that time of year again! The changing of the clocks, more daylight, the planting of seeds, spring showers, birds chirping, the blossoming of nature, all point to a new fresh start! During the spring season, it is easy to reflect back to when we were first starting on our homeschool journey.

As our oldest child became of sacramental age, we chose to put her in PSR (Parish School of Religion). I felt comfortable teaching the many other subjects involved in home education, but for some reason I was doubting my ability to teach the faith formally to our children. Even though I had attended Catholic schools my whole life, I was hesitating when it came to teaching religion. I didn’t want to mess this up, since it is our primary job to raise little souls and help them get to Heaven.


As time went on, my confidence grew as a mother and teacher. I committed to learning more about Catholicism and growing in my relationship with Christ. I soon realized that a long time ago, my parents had planted seeds of faith for me. Now it was my turn to do the same. My husband and I are doing this by teaching our children to pray, participating in the Sacraments, reading the Bible and getting involved in our parish.

We eventually started (formally) teaching religion at home. The seeds that we had planted in the early years were starting to bloom. We began to see the “fruits” of our labor and we are now growing together as a family in our faith. I encourage you all during this new spring season to take the time to plant your own seeds of faith within your family. The Church offers the seeds, and when we plant and nurture them beautiful blessings bloom!

Blog Post written by:

Katie Giandinoto

Katie Giandinoto