The Ukrainian-Russian Conflict: A Parent's Guide to Talking to Your Kids

At Kolbe Academy we've noticed many of our students have heard about the situation in Ukraine, and many are confused about what is happening. Others have seen the upsetting images coming out of Ukraine and are worried and anxious.

While this is a new and developing situation, we would like to help equip you as parents to talk with your kids about the ongoing conflict. Take a look at our Parent's Guide to Talking to Your Kids about Ukraine and watch a special presentation by online instructors, Therese Prudlo and Amanda Hayes below.



Join us in praying a novena for Ukraine and an end to the violence.

Our Lady Queen of Peace,
Pray for Us
St. Joseph, Protector of Holy Church,
Pray for Us
St Michael, our help in all adversities
Pray for Us


Special Video Presentation
With Kolbe Online Instructors, Therese Prudlo and Amanda Hayes

Together, Mrs. Prudlo and Mrs. Hayes provide a brief background to the Ukrainian-Russian conflict including the facts and history behind Ukraine and Russia's relationship to one another. They also discuss how the people of Ukraine particularly Ukrainian Catholics have been impacted by this conflict.

As you watch the video, we encourage you to reference the following presentation notes.


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