The Word Made Known with Mark Brumley: The Kolbecast Episode 144

AMDG.  The Gospel of John begins by describing the Word of God.  What does it mean to use words to study the Word—what joys, responsibilities, and opportunities lay in store?  Mark Brumley, president of Ignatius Press and president of the Kolbe board of advisors, shares his thoughts and experience with us today.  The discussion covers Mark’s longtime familiarity with Kolbe, the idea that Jesus as capital-W Word should shape our use of lowercase-w words, and the various features of spoken, written, and printed words.  Mark highlights the obligation to be clear where we can be in learning and teaching, the importance of humbly recognizing our limitations as knowers and understanders, and the benefits & tradeoffs of paper books versus eBooks.  Listen all the way through for advice and encouragement for students and parents both!

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