Time Flies (Part 1 of 2)


It seems like just yesterday that my husband was trying to convince me to homeschool our children. I remember he was offering to change one of our rooms in our newly built house into a classroom. His enthusiasm was sweet, but definitely not reality, in my mind.  My idea of motherhood and family stemmed from my childhood memories and how the people around me were raising their children. I had never met anyone who homeschooled, so I had no idea what “that” looked like.

When we moved cities, I remember meeting moms at the park and being told that I needed to get our 2-year-old daughter on the waiting list for preschool. That shocked me, because I wasn’t ready to hand her over to someone else to take care of her or teach her. I wanted to teach her the ABC’s, numbers, colors, animals, etc. At the time, I was working as a nurse on weekends so that we didn’t have to put our children in daycare. I stayed home during the week with our kids, and my husband took care of them on the weekends. It worked well for us!


As time went on and I was pregnant with our third child, our daughter and son were making this preschool thing easy and fun. My husband kept talking about this homeschool idea, to which I barely listened, since there was no way I was going to do that. Slowly I started getting more “hints” from God, as I like to call them. I would see signs at the library about homeschool groups that were meeting for activities. I would come across signs at the YMCA about homeschool groups that met there for classes. I also came across newspaper articles in the local paper about homeschooling. Was God trying to tell me something?

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Katie Giandinoto

Katie Giandinoto