Time Flies (Part 2 of 2)

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We started meeting families that were homeschooling and we were quite intrigued. They invited us into their homes for us to see what their school day looked like. We were impressed with their well-mannered children and how joyful these families were. We could relate to their faith, morals and values. We really felt like this was a fit for us. As we were coming into our own style of parenting, homeschooling seemed to be the most natural and right thing to do.


As our oldest was now of kindergarten age and I was pregnant with child number four, I started doubting my abilities. Preschool was one thing, crafty and fun! Now it was elementary school time…What if I don’t do it right? What if we are making a huge mistake? The more I doubted, God kept putting more and more families in our life that were such a source of encouragement. So, we kept moving along and enjoying our time with our children. We could do this, one year, one child at a time!

Then the high school years were getting closer and I was for sure not going to keep homeschooling through the teenage years. I certainly was not smart enough. There was no way I was going to be able to handle staying home all day with all of these teenagers! I was pretty sure that God was NOT wanting me to homeschool high school! The more I fought God on His plan, there were road blocks down “my” path. His path, homeschooling, seemed to be wide open with all kinds of opportunities.


Again, I needed to see what homeschool high school looked like and I needed to meet these kids and see how they were turning out. Sure enough, God opened doors for us for exactly what our family needed. We were blessed with starting a Catholic co-op that met weekly and had all kinds of social events and met the needs of many families with beautiful support for parents to keep on doing God’s work. Wow! Time flies. It feels like just yesterday when God was planting the homeschooling seed for our family.

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Katie Giandinoto

Katie Giandinoto