Which Homeschool Parent Are You?

Which Homeschool Parent Are You?

As a Kolbe advisor, we see many different kinds of homeschooling parents. You have the commonality of choosing to homeschool in order to form your children in the best possible way you see fit. Like the saints, you have a common goal for the Kingdom, but have many different ways of getting there. Here are the different kinds of homeschooling parents we come across as advisors. Can you find the ones you relate to? We’ve given a saint for each as well to intercede for you in this journey of raising your kids. Enjoy!

“The Planner”

Everything has to be prepared and in order. Just like St. Martha was busy with the housework while her sister listened to Jesus, we ask for St. Martha’s aid to see when we need to sit back, relax, and just pray.

“The Transfer”

In the last couple of years we have seen many families switch to homeschooling from public and private schools. Parents have decided to make a move that is radically different from what they have known. They are taking this leap of faith for what is best for their family. These are the St. Mathiases of the homeschooling world. Chosen to replace Judas, Mathias was a bit later to the game but an integral part in the work of the Kingdom. We ask his intercession for those new to homeschooling.

“The Worrier”

As all good parents do, we worry about the decisions we make for our children. Are they safe? Are we forming them right? Which classes will help them in their future? We ask daily for trust in the process as caretakers of these children but we are a bit like St. Thomas, “Doubting Thomas,” as we need to put our fingers in the side of Christ to make sure we are on the right track. We ask his intercession to see we are doing the work of the Kingdom even amidst uncertainty.

"The Eclectic”

Their motto: A little of this and a little of that, changing the curriculum by child and by year. Even St. John the Baptist was a bit eclectic so we will ask his intercession.

“The Procrastinator”

Life gets busy and it’s that time of the year to turn in samples. Where is the report card? Where’s the email for my advisor? From us advisors, we ask for St. Expeditus’s aid as patron saint of urgent causes to help you in this process. We all have a bit of procrastinator in us.

“The Talker”

Us advisors often hear from our “regulars,” the moms who like to call in often to chat. We ask St. Anthony’s intercession for them, after all, this orator’s tongue was left incorrupt. May their and our words be blessed as Anthony’s.

“The Accumulator"

Us advisors sometimes hear, “I’ve kept all my books and course plans from the last 30 years.” It’s okay to give some away, save the classics, and share that wealth of knowledge and resources with others. We ask our fellow accumulator as seen here, St. Maximilian Kolbe, to intercede for your family.

“The Novelist”  

Some moms like to write us advisors 1200 word emails. Although we would be fine with an appointment to discuss these many questions, we appreciate the intentionality and organization. May St. Francis de Sales, patron saint of writers, intercede for them.

“The Dreamer”

“My Kindergartener wants to be an engineer!” We observe our kids and try to make the best decisions in their schooling for their future.  We ask the Prophet Elijah’s intercession for holy wisdom and discernment in decisions for our children.


“The Veteran”

“My oldest is out of the house and my youngest is 5; we’ve used Kolbe the whole time.” We are grateful to have you in our Kolbe family for so long, sharing our common mission. We want to encourage you to share your wisdom and resources with other homeschooling families in your area or online. We ask for the intercession of the patron saint of homeschoolers, St. John Baptiste de la Salle.  

We hope you enjoyed reading about the different parents we interact with at Kolbe. Did you find a new intercessor for your homeschooling days?

Blog Post written by:

Jamie Leatherby

Jamie Leatherby