Why Choose the CLT10?

Standardized testing is a significant factor in making education affordable as college entrance exam scores determine your eligibility for most lucrative college scholarships. The CLT10 not only provides invaluable practice and feedback on performance for exams, it also offers Classic Learning Test scholarships and awards.

The top CLT10 test-takers are National Award winners and receive a scholarship to any of CLT’s partner colleges. Those who test well can also be recognized as regional winners as early as 9th grade. Historically, homeschooled students have made up the majority of National Award winners, so this is a great opportunity!

In order to increase your chances of scoring in the top percentiles, we encourage you to take the CLT10 every time it is offered. Your top score is considered for awards, so there is no drawback to repeat testing.

Kolbe families always receive 50% off exams by using the code KOLBE50. Additionally, CLT partners with colleges to sponsor CLT10 tests. This means you can get a FREE CLT10 by filling out an interest form with the sponsoring college! You can do this every time the test is offered, so if you are looking for an easy way to earn scholarships towards college, register for the CLT10 here!

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Classic Learning Initiatives

Classic Learning Initiatives