Our Recordkeeping Services

Registered families who desire verification of grades and coursework for official grade records or transcripts must submit a grade report consisting of a portfolio of student sample work with recommended grades each quarter for students in grades K-5 and each semester for students in grades 6-12. It is important to remember that review of portfolios of sample work is a service of Kolbe Academy, not a requirement. If reports are not filed, recommended grades provided on the report card cannot be validated for the purpose of issuing diplomas or providing an official grade record.

Submitting Your Grade Report

Kolbe recommends filing reports quarterly for grades K-5 and at the end of each semester for grades 6-12. The portfolio of student sample work should include a minimum of one graded sample per subject per quarter in grades K-5 and two graded samples per subject per semester in grades 6-12. Reporting forms can be found in the Welcome Packet.

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