Start Time
September 27, 2023
End Time
September 27, 2023

Kolbe Academy is proud to sponsor the Cardinal Newman Society Virtual College Fair.

A lot of colleges are known for providing a good education. But what is “good”? If large numbers of students lose their faith in college—or they fail to become wise and virtuous—then are they really getting a “good” education?

Thankfully, there are colleges that provide a “good” and affordable education in the very best sense! A faithful Catholic college can prepare you to be a leader in your family, workplace and community. Meanwhile, it helps prepare you for eternity in Heaven!

Come learn more about the advantages of choosing a faithful Catholic college at The Cardinal Newman Society’s Virtual College Fair. You’ll get to learn more about each of the colleges recognized in The Newman Guide for their strong Catholic identity.  And you’ll get to ask the questions that are most important to you!

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