Advisor Grading Assistance

Full-time Kolbe Academy students have the option to sign up for Homeschool Plus. Families who choose this enrollment option will have their own personal evaluator to grade their student’s work. This service also includes composition workshops!

Students can opt into Homeschool Plus via our standard enrollment form. If you decide to join Homeschool Plus after enrolling for the school year, just call an advisor for assistance!

Here’s how assisted grading works:

  • Students are assigned an experienced and dedicated evaluator who will give personalized feedback on essay writing, thought development in writing, and test-taking skills.
  • You can send in any work within the Kolbe curriculum for your evaluator to grade.
  • You may also submit compositions from outside the Kolbe Curriculum! Compositions may be 2-3 pages, double spaced, 12pt font. If a longer paper is submitted, it will be counted as two samples.
  • You may purchase blocks of 10, 20 or 50 submissions per student.
  • Additional blocks of samples may be purchased at any time during the school year, but we cannot refund unused submissions.
  • Work may be submitted between September 1 and June 30.
  • To get the most out of the service, we recommend submitting no more than two assignments per week.
Father and daughter homeschooling

The primary educator of the student is provided with the support to develop his or her full capacities as a teacher with:

  • Grades, both objectively and subjectively, depending on the assignment and your personal requests.
  • Personalized feedback on the student’s work, especially writing.
  • Suggestions as to how to weight grades in your student’s overall quarterly grade.
  • Requests for a student to redo an assignment and resubmit. (A resubmission at the request of an evaluator does not count toward the student’s sample allotment for the quarter).
  • Composition workshops, which give the student extra exposure to specialized interests in writing.
  • Live evaluator/student interaction during workshops.
  • Live peer to peer interaction during workshops.
  • Extra practice in particular areas of writing the academic essay, such as: writing a thesis statement, logical progression, and using and integrating outside sources in the work.
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