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Our goal is to support you in your role as the primary educator of your child. If your child has any special learning needs—professionally diagnosed or parent identified—including gifted or a recurring medical condition, then our Special Needs Advisors can help in selecting curriculum and/or recommending modifications to Kolbe’s curriculum.  This service is offered at no additional cost.

Kolbe does not require an IEP or 504 for a student to be considered special needs (they can be parent identified) but a diagnosis must be present for online classroom accomodations. Our Course Enrollment Form has a section titled “Scholastic & Medical History” in which to communicate to us that your child has special needs, and we encourage you to fill out our Student Learning Needs Form to record any accommodations or modifications you intend to implement. This form will be included in the school record and it may be useful for requesting accommodations for standardized testing (including college entrance exams), or for entry into a brick and mortar school.

For high school students, parents may also make significant modifications to self-paced and homeschool curricula while still receiving credits towards graduation. Just discuss these modifications with an advisor to make sure that your student will meet graduation requirements.

mother and son homeschooling
father and daughter homeschooling

For the high school student who is not able to complete high school level content, Kolbe offers a Special Diploma. The requirements for this diploma are selected in consultation with the parents, based on the needs of each student.

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