Introducing the Iowa Assessments

Kolbe Academy is excited to offer the Iowa Assessments™. Iowa Assessments (Forms E, F, & G) are nationally recognized, norm-referenced, standardized tests for grades Kindergarten through 12th which measure student achievement and growth against next generation learning standards.

Why take it?

The Iowa Assessments enable Kolbe Academy administrators and our at-home educators to:

  • Monitor growth and accurately measure academic progress from Kindergarten
    through high school
  • Evaluate student mastery of skills and rigorous learning standards for Grades K-12
  • Help educators and families determine whether students are on track for college and careers
  • Meet state-mandated testing requirements. Please be sure to check your state’s requirements at
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Who may take it?

Kolbe Academy offers Iowa Assessments for any at-home educator seeking to test their Kindergarten through 12th grade student(s). You do not need to be enrolled with Kolbe Academy to sign up for tests! All we require is to complete this form with your student’s standard demographic information, payment information, and select from our list of scheduled test dates.

How much does it cost?

  • $45.99 per test
  • Enrolled student discounts

When is it offered?

Kolbe Academy provides on-demand testing, year-round! Our standard Norm-dates are:

  • Fall Norms: September 1 – November 30
  • Mid-year Norms: December 1 – March 31

We’ve divided the Iowa Assessments complete battery of tests into a 2- or 3-day testing schedule which prevents your student from getting “burnt out” because they sat at a computer for the entirety of the tests in one sitting. We have also built in break times in-between major subject areas so your student can mentally reset.

Need testing only between certain hours because of a busy activity schedule? Are you a home-schooling family learning abroad and therefore in different time zones? Kolbe Academy understands that sometimes our at-home educators need an extra bit of flexibility when testing their students, so we offer a completely customizable testing schedule at an additional cost. If this sounds like you, contact an advisor at 707-255-6499 or email at

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How does it work?

Kolbe Academy offers the Iowa Assessments completely online and without the need to download any additional apps or programs. Using Riverside Insight’s Data Manager Remote Proctoring Portal™ (DMRPP), students need only to log in with their provided Student ID and Session Code and begin testing. A live proctor will approve access to the test once the session is scheduled to begin and will then monitor the student’s progress via video. Any issues that arise will be initially addressed through the DMRPP’s live-chat messaging feature. Please note however, that while a live proctor will handle most testing administration requirements and issues, a parent should still be available to address in-person issues.

Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade tests are “Audio-led,” meaning the testing platform will read instructions to your student as he or she works through each set of questions. Tests for 3rd through 8th grades are timed but are considered “self-paced.” It is up to your student manage his or her time on each question. Once a component test is complete the proctor will advance your student to the next component test on the schedule.

Once the entire battery of tests are complete, scores will be generated and disseminated typically within 2 business days.

Score Reports include:

  • Norm-referenced scores: scaled, grade equivalent, national stanine, and national percentile ranks
  • Graphed achievement percentiles
  • Test score interpretation
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