TerraNova, 2nd Edition, Complete Battery Achievement Test

The TerraNova®, 2nd Edition (TerraNova2) is a nationally recognized, norm- and criterion-referenced standardized test administered to elementary and secondary school students in public, private, and home schools across the country. It is one of numerous standardized tests available to chart the progress of students.

Kolbe Academy offers tests for grades 1st through 12th (sorry, we do not offer Kindergarten tests). We offer the Complete Battery and Complete Battery with Plus versions of the TerraNova2 test. The Complete Battery is comprised of norm-referenced and criterion-referenced information in Reading, Spelling, Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Vocabulary, Language Mechanics, Spelling and Mathematics Computation are included with the Complete Battery with Plus version. The TerraNova2 standardized test represents different cultures and covers a broad range of subjects, appealing to all students. For authenticity, artwork simulates the material’s original medium—such as a notice on a bulletin board, a newspaper article, or a journal entry.

Why take it?

TerraNova2 enables Kolbe Academy administrators and our at-home educators to:

  • Monitor growth and accurately measure academic progress from 1st through high school
  • Evaluate student mastery of skills and rigorous learning standards for Grades 1-12
  • Help educators and families determine whether students are on track for college and careers
  • Meet state-mandated testing requirements. Please be sure to check your state’s requirements at www.hslda.org
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Kolbe Academy offers TerraNova2 Complete Battery Achievement Test for any at-home educator seeking to test their 1st through 12th grade student(s). No degree or teaching certificate is required to administer the test, nor do you need to be registered with Kolbe Academy to sign up!

The TerraNova2 is available to customers residing in the United States except for South Carolina, and Wisconsin. Sorry, no international orders may be accepted.

Who may take it?

How much does it cost?

  • $39.99 (plus $8.50 shipping) per test
  • Enrolled student discounts
  • Group or school discounts

When is it offered?

Kolbe Academy provides on-demand testing, year-round! Our standard Norm-dates are:

  • Fall Norms: September 1 – November 30
  • Mid-year Norms: December 1 – March 31
  • Spring Norms: April 1 – Aug 31
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How does it work?

Testing your students with TerraNova2 is as easy as 1, 2, 3…register, administer, and return!‍

Registering for the test.

Registering for the TerraNova2 is done online at this link. Unfortunately, we cannot accept phone orders. During the registration process you will be asked to provide student information, payment information, choose date for testing, and read/sign an End User Sublicense Agreement form required by the publisher.

Testing with TerraNova2 is available year-round. Kolbe Academy cannot mail the testing materials until payment has been received so, please choose a test date at least two weeks after the date you are registering; three weeks if paying by check. Before ordering, please look at your calendar carefully select a date with a two-week period you are able to complete the test and return the materials.

Tests will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, with currently enrolled families receiving priority. In the event testing materials become backordered, a testing representative will contact you. When materials become available, they will be sent in the order requests were received with currently enrolled families receiving priority. If you are ordering more than one test, and one or more tests are backordered, we will hold your entire order until all tests are available.

Administering the test.

TerraNova2 Complete Battery Achievement Test is a paper-based test. Kolbe will mail testing materials to you at least one week in advance of your desired testing period. When you receive the testing materials, please be sure to inventory the package’s contents and ensure all required materials are present. Generally, the package will contain a Student Test Booklet, Answer Form, Teacher’s Instruction Booklet, and any special instructions from Kolbe Academy.

Testing materials are made available on loan (not sale) to families and must be returned to Kolbe Academy. Please take care not to damage any of the materials that must be returned.

There is no scheduled date to take this test, but keep in mind that materials are due back within two weeks of receipt. Parents administer the test to their home school students so you may begin the test once you have received it. We recommend you administer the test to your student in a quiet, distraction-free location following the guidance in the Instruction Booklet and special instructions. Each section of the TerraNova2 has unique time limits and it is the parent’s responsibility to adhere to those limits. The test may take up to five days to complete, especially for the lower grades, so plan accordingly.

Returning the test.

All testing materials, including the instruction and test booklets, must be returned to Kolbe Academy within your two-week loan period. An additional fee of $100 per test will be assessed for any non-returned materials; $50 per item that has been damaged or written in.

Tests are scored in house with publisher software. Once Kolbe Academy receives the returned materials and score sheets, scores will be generated and disseminated typically within 5 business days.

Score Reports include:

  • Norm-referenced scores: scaled, grade equivalent, national stanine, and national percentile ranks
  • Graphed achievement percentiles
  • Test score interpretation
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For questions about the TerraNova®, The Second Edition, please email us at testing@kolbe.org. Please note that phone orders are not allowed for the TerraNova®, The Second Edition standardized test. Thank you!

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