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Kolbe Academy Virtual Open House

Kolbe Academy invites you to its Virtual Open House, an exciting event where you can learn all about Kolbe’s different programs and offerings and have an opportunity to chat with some of our current parents and advisors!

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Practical Guide to Catholic, Classical Education

Interested in learning more about Catholic, Classical education? We’ve put together a practical guide to achieving this formation within the context of your home and family life.

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Special Offer for The Saints Podcast Listeners

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Trusted Leaders in Catholic Education

While most of the world has struggled to adjust to distance learning, we feel blessed to have over 40 years of experience in Catholic home education.

Our expert advisors and teachers are with you every step of the way to give your children a truly personalized Catholic education with salvation as its ultimate goal.

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Three Ways to Educate

You can mix and match our traditional homeschooling, live online classes, and self-paced courses!

No matter how your child learns, we’re here to support and challenge them every step of the way. 

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Thank you to everyone at Kolbe Academy for your guidance, support, and prayers over the 12 years of our daughter’s education. We couldn’t have done this without you.

Judith R.
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Educational Philosophy

At Kolbe Academy, we offer an authentically Catholic, classically-based education in the Ignatian method.

We seek to form the whole person in Truth and Goodness—the end goal being that students will find salvation in Jesus Christ. 

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Faithful, Expert Faculty

Our talented and experienced faculty and staff celebrate the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith. Since we’re not limited by geography, we can find the best Catholic teachers regardless of their location.

We work hard to ensure that every teacher we hire is highly qualified. Over half of our instructors have master’s degrees, and the rest all have at least one bachelor’s degree. We work just as hard to help them feel welcome in the Kolbe family! Though many of our instructors live far apart, we go the extra mile to foster real community.

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Premier College Preparation

Whether your student is aiming for Ivy League schools, a Catholic liberal arts college, or any kind of higher education, they’ll be prepared for whatever their academic future may hold.

We’re proud to report that in 2019, 65% of our graduating students were accepted into 4-year colleges, and our average ACT composite score was 28!

And, much more importantly, a Kolbe Academy education fosters a faith life that not only survives, but thrives throughout college.

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Teaching for Kolbe Academy has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Our students and staff enjoy a phenomenal solidarity, which I think comes from the unimpeded converging of people with like-minded educational goals. We are traversing the typical obstacles, such as geography, and are connecting the best students and teachers across the globe. This is my favorite aspect of being a teacher at Kolbe Academy.

Jordan Almanzar
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Academic Services

At Kolbe Academy, you are never alone in your homeschooling journey. We’re here to help you and your child succeed in every aspect of education, whether it’s grading services, academic advising, tuition options, standardized testing, or planning for higher education.

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We’re proud to be accredited by Cognia and the National Association of Private Catholic and Independent Schools!

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