Engage & Apply: The Kolbecast Episode 148

AMDG.  Every Kolbe student gets a rigorous experience, so how can high school parents best decide between core and honors courses?  That’s the topic of the day with Everett Buyarski, Megan Lengyel, and Tony Guzzaldo.  The group describes qualitative and quantitative differences between the various course offerings (spoiler alert: there are a lot more of the former than the latter), highlights how simply giving students more to read doesn’t automatically increase academic rigor, and gives practical recommendations on how to challenge students without overburdening them.  Also listen in for details on student awards, National Honors Society eligibility requirements, and dual enrollment considerations.

Mrs. Lengyel describes the awards established to recognize student achievement in their courses of study at Kolbe Academy. Detailed information about the awards is available here.

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